Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another abandoned blog? Not really...

It's been another long absence. Things haven't been great lately, and it's been costing me a lot of time I should have been using to get things done. That's life, though, especially when it's all a self motivated process and it has to compete with a job and a struggle to stay afloat. I won't go into details about what's been blowing my progress out of the water, because this isn't supposed to be a blog about my problems, it's supposed to be about my creations.

I've seen my share of blogs that just abruptly stopped a few years ago, and always wonder what happened. Did the person get swept up into problems like I have? Did they lose interest in it? Are they still around, even? The web's full of aborted sites and blogs by this point. It's a sad indicator that many of us aren't permitted to keep following our interests. When life starts smacking you around you can't always keep up an steady effort on things like funny cartoons and pipe dreams. I still haven't given up on it, but as time goes on I get a little bit more mindful of the fact that very few actually make it, and even then they're usually younger than I am now.

Perhaps with the coming Spring I'll get a fresh wave of determination and make some real progress. It bothers me a little when people are following this or subscribing to my YouTube channel ("finniejr"), only to have nothing added to it for months and months. The things holding me up are at least not major health or well-being issues, just the crap that gets in the way of keeping up a creative flow. It's been nothing to blog about, so it's been mighty quiet here. I just thought I'd take a minute to put up a "place marker" here, just to show I'm still around and trying.

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a million pictures said...

I can really relate to this post, I started my blog with the hope it would motivate me to get more done, but work got in the way...then I get laid off, and even with no clients to hold me back, I still can't get things moving,...well, I appreciate your work, and I'm gonna go sub your youtube channel too :)