Tuesday, October 5, 2010

SCTV caricatures

These go back quite a ways. Mostly done in the 80s during my main airbrushing period. The Guy Cabellero and some cleanup on the others was done a year or so ago. I was going after a similar style as Robert Goodman's album covers like Firesign Theater's "Don't Crush That Dwarf". They've just been sitting there since so I thought I'd finally put 'em up here.

Hmm. Sometimes the pictures go to full size when clicked, sometimes they don't. On this post they don't again. I haven't figured out the formula for that yet, it just seems to choose one or the other. I guess they're clear enough at this size. Ah, who's lookin' anyway...

1 comment:

DmRofAtoZ said...

My little avatar was blank recently ?
I'm seem to back.
So . . . s'plain to us all why Guy isn't on a screen behind Gerry Todd, yet Gerry Todd is !?
Did'ja do Guy after maybe ?