Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Still Here (although I doubt there were search parties...)

I haven't posted anything since September 9th? Ah, like anybody's been sweating up a storm wondering where the Jimsbo went. I hit one of those little lulls in production that can happen when the day job takes center stage every day while you're laboring over what should take a team to do. Besides the results that come from a group of artist/creators collaborating, a team will also keep up your steam. When your creative juices run a little dry (it happens to most creative types now and then), you still have the feeling of responsibility to the team effort to keep you going. As a solo act, you get less done during those periods. I'll get back in the swing with it soon.

To follow up my last post below about Beatle day '09, I only just this past weekend received my Mono box from Amazon. Thanks to all the middle men merchants that snapped up the first batch to re-sell them at inflated "collector's" prices. It's a nicer set than the stereo for the packaging. The mini LP covers are far better than those stiff, dry, cardboard slots the stereo ones come in. They have inner sleeves! Why this isn't standard practice for cardboard CD covers I don't know. The stereo White album is a real bear to take out and replace the discs, putting the openings inside the folds. I guess if you have to have the stereo versions you're stuck with them. Fortunately, I prefer mono for music of that era. Stereo was new then and they didn't always mix things with headphones in mind. I'm no fan of vocals all crammed into one ear and rhythm tracks in the other, so mono works for me. The fact that they put more time into those mixes only makes it better. But enough about the Beatles and their ongoing efforts to lighten my pockets with the same stuff I grew up with.

For those few patient enough to follow this blog (hey, there's a couple that aren't just people I know and talk to all the time), I should be putting up something new soon enough. At least some type of holiday greeting.


Willard said...

"Home of the 0 comments" made me laugh out loud. Cool art, too.

J C Roberts said...

Cool. I didn't even realize I needed to moderate comments, or this would have gone right up. I should pay closer attention to those details. Probably not much point in responding many months later.

Of course it makes it harder to stay with the 0 comments slogan, but nicer to see it gets seen.