Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The First Change

Here's one of the first things I changed for the New and Improved "Money For Cheezums" The girl who teases Naybob at the start of his journey has more clearly become a puppet (with no explanation as to where the strings actually lead to...) and has more fluid motion to her mouth. The original was mostly a single jaw moved around. She now has different mouth positions and shapes while still retaining the basic look of an old Bill Baird type puppet. She even has the right slow blink lids, going from 3 frames to 8. Her eyes were also changed.
Here's the original version, which recently received the comment "the neighbor's face bothered me a lot" on YouTube:

Here's the new version, with strings attached:

I also changed the proportions and made the head bigger, I hope the changes help make her more appealing, as I usually don't like to bother people a lot with my creations. 


DmRofAtoZ said...

" I hope the changes help make her more appealing" you sez ?
I'm a' gonna go out on a completely uninformed limb here & wager that you hope she's disturbingly cute yet now more effectively designed !
And for that matter, I'll say she is !!
I look forward to her mysteriously dropping in for her scenes just the same creepy-ass way those sort'a characters always did.
I'm sure you're not out to sand down the edges on your intended work so that Hello-Kitty lovin' nudnicks aren't troubled.

J C Roberts said...

To be fair, she was pretty ugly before, even for the same basic design. The crude, lumpy lines, the strangely shaped forehead, the single flapping lower lip. The animation was so limited she didn't even make a convincing puppet.

She may even have some new tricks to put people off , though. For those concerned with consistency and logic, that fact that she will appear as a variety of puppet types depending on the scene will confound them. In the last scene, when she comes back in the window, she may just be a cheap hand puppet. The type with a molded head and a plastic bag body with a printed front.

The plan is to keep it very vague exactly what she is, figment of his imagination? A demented puppeteer tailing Naybob to torment him, or a real neighborhood kid pulling off an illusion.

If Bugs Bunny can pull an oven out of his pocket that he shouldn't have in the first place, then she can certainly appear as a various puppets.

DmRofAtoZ said...

Mmh yes, but when have we seen Bugs pulling puppets from ovens ?!
Answer me This Maestro Jimsbo.

thebigtubeanim said...

Pretty cool! So, how close are you to being done?